About Us

Magnum Hunt Club


+++For as long as men have walked upright, they’ve shared their stories. From cave
drawings to high definition, man continues to find ways to record and share experiences.
Magnum Global Media consistently delivers the highest quality outdoor entertainment and
information. Our stories are shared in outdoor programs and other unique opportunities that
form the ideal settings to showcase your high caliber, industry specific goods and services. With
our strong background as reputable outfitters and hunting consultants, we have unprecedented
knowledge and understanding of a very desirable audience of elite outdoorsmen.


+++From richly layered, documentary-style productions to fast-paced, action-filled
adventure, Magnum Global Media’s award-winning team raises the bar for outdoor productions.
Solid state, high-definition cameras paired with a state of the art editing suite allow us to deliver
superior product. Our experienced team of professionals is equally skilled in producing a
television show created for your firm, a national television commercial, a DVD or by showcasing
your product in one of Magnum’s existing television productions.