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True Magnum TV

True Magnum TV

True Magnum TV is the first of its kind. An adventure docuseries that tells the true story of how conservation hunting benefits societies and wildlife populations around the globe. The true life wilderness adventure drama is filmed and edited in reality style to appeal to the hunter and non-hunter alike.

The Zone

The Zone is skewed toward a younger, more contemporary audience than True Magnum TV. It’s fast-paced, without being frenetic. The Zone delivers dramatic, adrenaline-filled moments that do-it-yourself hunters can relate to, because it puts them in the moment of action. A graphic of an EKG pulse line serves as the symbol of the adrenaline rush every hunter has when they’re in their own zone. The show is hosted by James Brion and airs on The Sportsman Channel. It focuses on whitetail deer, other North American big game, and turkey hunting. There are two hunts per show, one of which will be a whitetail hunt.

Moment of Impact

Moment of Impact is geared for an even younger audience than The Zone and True Magnum TV. Rather than build up a story line for each hunt, it puts viewers with shorter attention spans right at the climax of each hunt. There’s no feel good story line, no travelogue, no sitting around the campfire, no romance… just explicit hardcore kill shots with big game animals going down. Between hunting segments, viewers get practical, informational tips and advice based upon professional insights derived from the previous segment. It will be edited somewhat like a football roundtable, with initial setup and post-hunt analysis. Moment of Impact is hosted by the same crew of four hunters found on Magnum TV. Three hunts will be highlighted in each episode.

Louie Tuminaro grew up on Long Island and learned everything he knows about guns from his father, aka Pops. Once he realized his life passion was to buy and sell guns, he packed up his entire family, including Pops, and moved them to Montana. Now he’s living out his dream in the small town of Hamilton with his own gun shop and his family there to support him. An edgy, tough-talking New Yorker in rural Montana selling guns – what’s the worst that could happen?

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