Silent Draw Outdoors

Magnum Global Media provides Post-Production services on this series.

Silent Draw Outdoors is a new breed of hunting and outdoor adventure. We are a show that takes the essence of hunting and conservation and puts a real life view on the outdoors. We want people at home to see the efforts and quality of our show to push people in realizing they can do the hunts that we do. The majority of the hunts we are on are Do It Yourself hunts. This gives us an opportunity to show reality hunting what you at home would be doing. We are going to show you the good and the bad. As you know, it is hunting not killing. You will see us hunting in many different facets and game, from archery to shotgun and big game to waterfowl. We are an all around hunting show. One of our biggest pushes in this industry is taking your kids out and let them enjoy all that nature has to offer. Our future in the hunting world is our children. Many life lessons can happen to young children when they see all hunting and conservation has to offer. As a young boy, I learn many life lessons. I learned how to be a good steward of the land and responsible use of our resources. Lessons you can only learn being out there. We hope that you enjoy all that Silent Draw Outdoors has to offer and we encourage you to live the dreams we are living everyday.